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Jewelry Barcelona

Справочник Коста Брава
яхты и лодки в испании

GR Jewelry Barcelona (Spain)

GR Barcelona comes from the union of three partners Gemma Grau, Ricard Grau and Jordi Rabat, with large jewelry tradition, to launch a new jewelry and watchmaking concept.

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Ernest Oriol jewelry in Barcelona (Spain)

Luxury high-end jewelry is an art. An art, which enhances with experience and knowledge. Ernest Oriol has been creating exclusive and luxury jewelry pieces since 1951...

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Unión Suiza in Barcelona (Spain)

Unión Suiza is a benchmark family company in the watchmaking and fine jewellery sector. Since its creation in Barcelona in 1840, the company has not ceased to reinvent itself, constantly moving forward with the changing times and fashions. And within those fashions, Unión Suiza has always aptly managed to forge its own particular style and solid work...

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Jewellery shop Chopard in Barcelona

Louis - Ulysse Chopard founded his factory in 1860 in the town Sonvillier in Swiss valley Jura. In 1963 the family Scheufele bought the company and opened the head office in Geneva. Since that time CHOPARD is one of the most famous jewellery and watch brands in the world. There are 1950 employees of the company all over the world...

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